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I’m the Chunky Chic in Paradise a.k.a. Shiloh. I live on Maui, I am at a point in my life where I can make some serious positive changes to the way I think, feel, and live. I'm tired of the negative stigmas towards overweight people. I have been overweight for the past 20 years and I have shied behind my weight for many reasons. Now I am ready to bust out behind my fat cells and get out there and LIVE.
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If you have a free day while on Maui, then I highly suggest you spend it at Maui Ocean Center. This is Maui’s only aquarium. Maui Ocean Center has everything that you need; fish, touch ponds, turtles, sharks, gift shop, and a restaurant. 

They do have accommodations for those who are wheelchair bound, there is plenty of room throughout the aquarium. This is also a fluffy friendly place; meaning, any size can enjoy themselves here.

Once you step through the front door you are greeted by friendly staff, after purchasing your tickets you step outside and it’s time to “smile” you get your picture taken, then you can go to the kiosk to pick up hand-held info device that will tell you all about the different fish, etc. Your first learning experience is the wave pool, here there are lots of fish swimming about (basically a teaser of what you will see), then you step inside of the aquarium. It is dark, and cool (thanks for a/c), and all around you are tanks of different shapes and sizes. Take your time there is no rush, just let yourself be there and take it all in. You sake your way through one building then on to the next building which leads you to the outside tanks, finally you get to see the connection with the Polynesians and the ocean, the Hawaiian Monk seal, and then BAM sharks. 

Each time that I have visited the aquarium I am always discovering new things. On the outside of the aquarium they have a few tanks and a touch pool. I love the turtle pool. Here they rescue injured sea turtles, care for them, and then release them back into the ocean. They also have a shark tank too. It is a amazing to watch the hammerhead sharks swim up to the glass. Once of my favorite places has to be the touch pool. The touch pool is definitely a learning experience, they have different types of sea stars, sea cucumbers (haha everyone must hold one of theses at least once in your life), sea urchins, and different types of coral. When you are done step outside and pic up your photo, go and visit the gift shop (this place LITERALLY has something for EVERYONE), or get a bite to eat at their restaurant (I felt guilty eating fish, but it tasted soooo good)

I would like to add that Maui Ocean Center prides itself of being a great educational asset to Maui not only for our visitors, but also for the Kama’aina (locals). Throughout the aquarium there are areas with interactive stations, photos, statues, and more.

My favorite place in the whole aquarium would have to be the jellyfish tanks. I could sit on those benches and watch these amazing creatures swim about for hours. In all honesty I could go there on a weekly basis and never get bored.


I have stumbled across a new free digital magazine aimed specifically at men looking to lose weight and get healthy; so much is aimed at women so it’s great that there something positive aimed at guys other than muscle magazines.

Here’s the link to take a look and…

This is great. Men need support and advice too.

The best reason to workout.

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Your diet, exercise routine and stress level lay the foundation for how you feel, so fuel your bod with good nutrition, break a little sweat each day and set aside time to unwind. Because it’s hard to feel bad about a body you’re taking great care of.

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Great words….to live by. 

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New fat-positive brooches (and more!) are now in my Etsy shop! 

WOAH! The notes!!! I love you all! <3

LOVE these.

I’d be proud to wear one would you?

Another day of decision making….I am deciding to love my body. I am deciding that I don’t need others to negatively comment/look on/at how I look, what I wear, what I eat, or what I drink. I know it frustrates my MUFFIN when I think or say negative things about myself, he’s right it’s wrong. I should love my body and be happy in my own skin. I only need to be beautiful in his eyes. My MUFFIN loves me for me. It’s about time that I love me for me.

I’m learning and practicing self - love. @chunkychicinparadise


Drop that cookie, don’t binge!

I&#8217;m dropping the cookie.  @chunkychicinparadise


Drop that cookie, don’t binge!

I’m dropping the cookie. @chunkychicinparadise

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  • Phone rings:
  • Me: Hello
  • Male Caller: May I speak to Jim.
  • Me: Sorry there's no Jim here.
  • 2 mins. later phone rings:
  • Me: Hello
  • Male Caller: I know I asked for Jim, but I am really looking for Luis.
  • Me: Well there's no Luis here either and Jim wants his money.
  • Male Caller: Who....Jim....what money.
  • Me: I don't know what money but Jim is at the YMCA waiting for his money.
  • Male Caller: ahhhh okay
  • No more calls from that guy.